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Tahra of Tahra TimeOnce upon a time...

There was a girl who performed every Saturday for kids at a popular mall in Nashville, Tennessee. She had a magical connection with the children who came to see her, and they would come back week after week to sing and dance with her and feel her love.

One day, a new friend came to her show and watched her perform. He was amazed by her joyful connection with the children and decided then and there that she should be on TV, where more children could experience what she did. So he went home and wrote a show for her. He called it (what else!) Tahra*Time. When he showed it to Tahra, she loved it and said it was exactly what she wanted to do. So they started writing songs especially for Tahra*Time.

They worked hard at it and had lots of fun writing songs like "My Body Loves the Beat," "Pearly Whites," "Let's Get Sillious," and "I Love Trucks." .” Sometimes they would sit for hours talking about the show and soon figured out what it should be: An interactive show about the arts that got children “doing” instead of just watching. Tahra*Time would get kids up and out of their seats and totally involved right in their own homes!.

A little while later they went to Nashville Public Television and told them all about Tahra*Time. Npt, channel 8, loved the idea and so they decided to work together to make the show in the Npt studios. Soon children all over the country were watching Tahra*Time every day!

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